([identity profile] wrote on January 24th, 2008 at 04:12 am
You're not being stupid, it's definitely a good question. I want this journal to serve as a safe place to keep my writing muscles flexible and happy. Y'know, so I don't spend 9 hours trying to sculpt a fragment of description, like I did the last time I wrote creatively. ;) So I'd love to hear if one of these bits catches your interest or if you liked a certain turn of phrase, but I'd rather not receive criticism on *this* stuff.

I usually save the criticism part of my writing process for the finished product. That way, even if I don't like hearing what I know I need to hear, I feel confident enough in what I've created to keep working on it. This stuff is just ideas, just play, so if it gets criticized, I may just stop writing it...which sorta defeats the whole purpose. :) So, please, indulge in any comments and/or interest you like, criticism.
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